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Lakenheath Holiday Bazaar 2006

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This page has the Finance information you will need to make your weekend with us a success!!

* Please note that there will be NO bank on site.  Please insure that you bring adequate change for your business.


 Sales Log Sheets:  All sales must be recorded on the Sales Log Sheets.  You will be responsible for ensuring that all your sales are properly recorded and signed for on the log.  Customers will be informed that if they purchase something at your booth and do not sign for it, their purchase will be free.  The customers will be directed to the information booth should this occur, we will refund their money, and we will then add the cost of the purchase(s) to the 15% fee that you owe us at the end of the bazaar. In addition, if you do make sales without recording them, you will be forbidden to attend any future bazaars.  This is a charity function and we rely on your honesty to make it a success.

 Checkout:  All sales logs will be collected and tallied at the end of each day and returned to you the following morning.  On Sunday, we will have runners go to your booth approximately two hours before closing to collect that days sales sheet and give you a blank one for the remainder of the day.  If you have any questions on any of your sales logs, please address them as they are identified.  At check-in you will be provided with specific information on accepting dollar checks, your checkout times, and checkout procedures.  This year we will be accepting all of your dollar checks; for those dollar checks that go above your 15% fee, we will issue you ONE sterling check.  Check out will begin at the close of the bazaar.  There will be no early checkouts.  Please do not ask a finance person to check you out early.  There will be no exceptions, so please allow sufficient time for your return travel plans.  After you have completely packed up your booth and have cleared staging please proceed to the finance counter to complete your finance checkout.


 Checkout: This year we will provide you the option of the bazaar accepting all of the dollar checks you receive on Friday and Saturday and we will issue you ONE sterling check in return.  This is not mandatory, but an option available to you.  At check-in you will be provided with specific information on accepting dollar checks.  If you wish to take advantage of this option it will begin Sunday morning 1 hour prior to the bazaar opening.  Please present yourself to the finance counter at that time to have your dollar checks converted.  The conversion option for flat fee vendors will end approximately 1 hour after the bazaar opens on Sunday.  Please note that after this check out time all dollars you accept will have to be turned in to your bank.  There will be no exceptions, so please allow sufficient time to stop at the finance counter on Sunday morning.

 If you have any questions please ask to speak with a finance person.

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